About Us

The School was founded in the autumn of 1984 in downtown Toronto. In 1987, the Scarborough Campus was established. In 1988, it was granted the status of charity organization by the government.

To promote Chinese and Western cultures and to develop students of excellence with virtue, wisdom and team spirit.

The Teaching Faculty
Most members of the faculty are government registered teachers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. They have received teacher training and are recognized by the Toronto School Board as teachers of Chinese language.

Recreational Activities
The School puts most emphasis on academic teaching but also recognizes the importance of learning from other activities. The School organizes extracurricular activities, intra-school competitions and held events jointly with the Parents’ Associations. These include contests in calligraphy, composition, season’s greeting cards design, public speaking and recital, dancing and singing. Parenting Seminars, English, Mandarin and Tai-chi classes for adults are also offered. The School and the Parents Associations also organize recreational events such as Swimming Fun Day, Bowling Day, Summer Camps, summer outings, books exhibition, Christmas party, Chinese New Year celebration and lion dance. Students are also encouraged to take part in Chinese language and arts open competitions, and have consistently achieved great results.

Registered Charity #119266187RR0001

Board of Directors

2018 - 2019

Toronto Chung Wah Chinese School Board of Directors

Honorary Life Board Directors

Dr. King Sun CHAN
Mr. Tak Yan CHEN
Mr. Wai Chi CHENG
Dr. Kai Ming KAN
Mr. Hin Cheung TAM

Executive Board Directors

Ms. Edith May YIM, President
Mr. Benjamin FU, First Vice President
Ms. Chi Ling YU, Second Vice President
Mr. Yan ZHOU, Third Vice President
Mr. Stephen POON, Superintendent
Mr. Louis GOENARTO, Treasurer
Mr. Raymond YOUNG, Secretary

Board Directors

Dr. Benson LAU
Ms. Jenny Min LIAO
Mr. David PAO
Mr. Philip WONG
Ms. Daisy HUNG


Ms. Alice CHENG
Ms. Rebecca CHIN
Ms. Christina LEE
Ms. Cathy LI
Ms. Shirley YEE
Ms. Joss YIP

Toronto Chung Wah Chinese School Management Team

Main Campus

Ms. Anna SIT, Principal

Scarborough Campus

Ms. Eva TONG, Principal
Ms. Patty PAN, Vice Principal

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